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SPAUN Quality

Quality Features

The products offered are predominantly designed and manufactured by SPAUN.
Quality made by SPAUN gives the user the advantages of:

* innovative product design
* competitive price/performance ratio
* easy installation
* attractive design.

Using the latest microwave technology SPAUN products provide superior technical performance. Highly qualified employees in all areas such as research, design, production and quality control ensure absolute reliability of all products.

General features

The SPAUN products exceed the guidelines of the CENELEC-consortium.

* CE marking:
With the CE sign and the “Declaration of Conformity” SPAUN declares that the products are conform with the following European directives and norms.
EN 50083-2: 2002-04
EN 50083-1: 1994-03,
EN 50083-1/A1: 1999-01,
EN 50083-1/A2: 1998-06.

* For the supplement to the EN 50083-2 SPAUN electronic guarantees to keep the requierement with our own symbol.

* Additionally the SPAUN products are conform with the following CENELEC norms: EN 50083-3 active wide-band-equipment for coaxial distribution networks, EN 50083-4 passive wide-band-equipment for coaxial distribution networks. EN 50083-5 headend equipment.

* All SPAUN-Produkts are conform with the EU-Guideline 2002/95/EU (RoHS) regarding the Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment: Declaration (German)

Additional features:

* Specified for the temperature range –20 °C…+50 °C (253 K...323 K). (Except SAT to terrestrial processing headends SKK...)

* Voltage range for mains powered devices
U~: 230 V / 50 Hz or
U~: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz.

* Powercord approx. 1 m long with europlug.

* Made in Germany.

Important end-user Information
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