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Application Diagrams

Application Diagrams
This category currently contains 53 application diagrams.

The application diagrams published on this website are for guideline only and assume the installer is familiar with the basic rules of reception and installation techniques. The installer and/or operator has to be conversant with and be responsible for all relevant guidelines and regulations regarding the construction and operation of reception systems.

All application diagrams are schematic example. Due to variable parameters (cable, loss, slope) it is a must to calculate the level of the complete installation. Please have also a look to our technical instructions and relevant guidelines.

 SAT IF Distribution UniSystem
4 SAT IF Signals (3)
8 SAT IF Signals (3)
12 SAT IF Signals (2)
16 SAT IF Signals (5)

 SAT Individual Systems
SAT Individual Systems (6)

 UNiSEqC SCR Cable Matrix
UNiSEqC SCR Cable Matrix (2)

 SAT IF Star Distribution
4 SAT IF Signals (7)
8 SAT IF Signals (5)
12 SAT IF signals (3)
16 SAT IF Signals (3)
32 SAT IF signals (1)

 Security Systems
Security Systems (2)

Wideband (11)

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